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How to use Instagram video for Lock screen.

Updated: Apr 24

Update 02/02/21: You can achieve the same effect by using the Fit-To-Screen feature. Just tap the Fit-To-Screen button that’s next to the play/pause button! Download the latest version of VideoToLive in the app store!

You can download or screen record videos from Instagram. In case, you have screen recorded it, then you can tap on Edit in the Photos app and crop the unwanted part out.

People have asked me why the Live Photo quality is so bad. That's because iOS forces the Live Photo to be a certain size to fill up the screen and you are using a square video.

Here is a trick I use if I want to use a square video on the lock screen and don't want it all zoomed in.

I used an app called Over.

1. Tap on the big yellow plug button at the bottom and choose transparent.

2. Choose a size and tap the check mark button at the top right corner. I usually just pick 9:16.

3. Tap the Video button at the bottom right.

4. Choose a video.

5. Tap the check mark button at the top right corner.

6. Tap the export button at the top right corner.

7. Tap on the Save button.

This app has enough free features to do what I need to do. I used this app to make videos for all of my posts on my Instagram account. Check it out if you haven't already. 😁

Here is what the Live Photo looks like on the lock screen.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

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