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How to use Instagram video on Lock screen for iOS 17.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I find cool videos on Instagram all the time and I put it on the Lock Screen as Live Wallpaper. So how do you use the Videos from Instagram on the Lock Screen?

  • You can tap on the Share button and tap on Copy Link.

  • Open Safari and go to

  • Paste the in the url and tap Download.

  • Tap Download Video once it load the post.

  • Once it finishes downloading, you can go do the Download folder, tap the action button and tap Save Video.

You can now use VideoToLive app to create a Live Wallpaper for iOS 17 and put it on the Lock Screen

Where do you get your videos from? Share yours in the comments!

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2 commentaires

What program did you use to record your smartphone screen? I think that would be interesting for a lot of people to know. I want to start blogging about games on my smartphone, but I don't know what program to do screen recording with, although I use this recorder for PC.

I would be glad if you could answer me.

Tommy Yoon
Tommy Yoon
26 avr. 2023
En réponse à

iOS has a built in screen recorder.

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