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How to fix iOS 17 Live Photo Motion Not Available Message

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Did you create a Live Photo for iOS 17 with VideoToLive app and still getting "Motion Not Available" message when you try to use it as Wallpaper?

Motion Not Available

All you have to do is tap Cancel and tap Use as wallpaper again. Seems like there is an iOS bug. Hopefully Apple fixes it soon so people won't get confused and think it doesn't work.

Here it what it looks like on the Lock Screen.

Still not not working? This is the most common issue but there are few others. You can read more about it in the Tip on creating Live Wallpaper for iOS 17 post.

If you didn't use VideoToLive to create the Live Photo and want to know how to fix iOS 17 Live Photo Motion Not Available message? You can save the Live Photo as video and use VideoToLive to create it again!

Not using VideoToLive to create Live Wallpapers for iOS 17 yet? Click here to download.

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5 comentários

Soros Athinarumit
Soros Athinarumit
16 de out. de 2023

still not available please help

Tommy Yoon
Tommy Yoon
07 de fev.
Respondendo a

Minimum length is 3 seconds. You must use the duration lock button. If it’s only 3 seconds, I recommend that you make a new video by appending same video to make a 6 second video so you can slide the right handle and choose any part of the video.

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