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How to create custom Live Wallpapers for iOS 17

Updated: Nov 21

VideoToLive has been updated to support creating custom Live Wallpapers from video for iOS 17!

Please update to the latest version if you haven't already! Here is the how to video.


Make sure to read the post regarding Motion Not Available message and Tips on creating Live Wallpaper for iOS 17 because not all videos can be made into working Live Wallpaper if iOS is not able to add a motion effect.

iOS 17 now supports HDR video on the Lock Screen so make sure you turn it on in the App Options if you have an HDR video!

Options page to turn on HDR
Turn on HDR

If you want to create a Live Sticker which is also new in iOS 17 you should pick the second option after tapping the Make button. You can read the How to make Live Sticker for iOS 17 post.

In the old days, you can put any length video on the Lock Screen but with iOS 17 it has to be approximately 3 seconds. Please read Tips on creating Live Wallpaper for iOS 17 to learn more.

iOS 17 Bug:

Some Live Wallpapers created with VideoToLive might get the "Motion Not Available" message on the Lock Screen when you try to set it. If this happens tap Cancel and set it again and it should work.

Don't hesitate you email me if you need help with creating Live Wallpaper for iOS 17.

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