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SwingMonitor App Logo

SwingMonitor is the latest addition to our iOS app portfolio. 

Get real-time feedback during your practice session. You can stream live video to another iOS device and monitor your practice live. You can start a timer that will automatically record your practice in slow motion or 4k for 4 seconds and send it to viewing device and play automatically. Timer will resume when you dismiss the video or have it automatically dismiss when the video finishes and starts recording again.



Video editor that also creates Live Photo and more. Supports 4K HDR videos.

VideoToLive App Logo
MusicToRingtone App Logo


Create custom ringtones from videos or music files and set it as ringtone right from your iPhone.


Dash - Infotainment

Music file player with a cool visualization and a speedometer. It can play FLAC and ALAC too!

Dash - Infotainment App Logo
WhenMoon App Logo



Real time crypto price checker. Track your crypto portfolio value in real time.

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