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MusicToRingtone - Why is iTunes Library empty?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Trying to make a ringtone from songs you have in Apple Music but it's not showing any of them in MusicToRingtone?

That's because you don't own any songs in Apple Music streaming service and they are DRM-protected.

Apple Music can't be screen-recorded either. If you try, it will automatically be muted!

You will either have to buy the song from the iTunes Store or you will have to try to find it on the iTunes Store, YouTube, YouTube Music, or Pandora and screen-record it. Screen recording is still working for these apps as of writing this post!

If you are not familiar with Screen Recording on iOS, here is a quick overview.

Good thing you can make ringtones from videos with MusicToRingtone. 😄

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