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MusicToRingtone iOS app FAQ

Updated: Jan 13

Here are some frequently asked questions about MusicToRingtone iOS app.

How do I use your app?

I don't hear any sound.

Unmute your phone.

Nothing happens when I tap on 'Save as GarageBand file'.

It needs to show an ad before it can display the Share Sheet. Most likely you have an ad blocker turned on so you will need to turn that off. You will need to be connected to internet as well.

I get 'Core Audio is not available' in GarageBand.

I already covered it in another post but the short answer is you can restart (not reset) your phone and the error should go away. You can read more about it here.

Can you make it longer than 30 seconds?

No. iOS will automatically trim it to 30 seconds when you set it as a ringtone in the GarageBand app.

These are the questions I get asked all the time. Thanks for using MusicToRingtone iOS app! Download the latest version in the app store if you haven't already or haven't tried yet. 🥳

MusicToRingtone App Icon
MusicToRingtone App Icon

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