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MusicToRingtone - Nothing is happening when tapping on share as GarageBand file.

Updated: May 21

Update 5/21/24: iOS 17.5 seems to have fixed this bug!

I have gotten few reports from users in the past that nothing is happening when they tap on share as GarageBand file in MusicToRingtone app. For users who haven't purchased in-app to remove the ads, the app needs to show an ad before seeing a share sheet to export to GarageBand app. So I have always told them that there might be issues with Google fulfilling ads.

Since upgrading my test iPhone to iOS 17.4.1, I have noticed the same symptom happening on my test iPhone which doesn't need to show ads. I have also noticed that the iOS Files app goes completely blank when MusicToRingtone app has issues showing the share sheet!

Only fix I have been able to figure out is to force restart the iPhone by quickly press and release volume up, volume down, and press and hold the side button.

iOS is plagued with bugs. Let's get through this together! 👥

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