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Use MusicToRingtone with iOS VoiceOver

Updated: May 8, 2021

Did you know MusicToRingtone works well with the iOS VoiceOver?

I have received several feature requests to make MusicToRingtone more accessible and work even better with the iOS VoiceOver feature.

I have so far implemented the following:

1. A better VoiceOver labels and interaction for the Start and Duration buttons.

2. An option to auto-advance the start position as the song or video plays.

3. A How-To page with written step-by-step instruction.

Other feature requests that I have received and implemented are:

1. Granular control of the Start and Duration buttons.

2. Be able to import songs or videos from other apps.

I appreciate the feedback and don't hesitate to send one. Please leave a review in the App Store if you enjoyed the app!

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