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Animated wallpaper on iOS 16 (Get Images from a Video)

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Live Wallapwr is back in iOS 17! Check out the How to create Live Wallaper for iOS 17.

Apple removed Live Wallpaper from iOS 16 and we can no longer have a video on the Lock Screen. The next best thing is to have the animated wallpaper...well...sort of...

One of the new wallpaper is called Photo Shuffle. You can pick set of images and have it changed on On Tap.

This is where you can use VideoToLive - Live Photo Maker to get images from videos and use them for Photo Shuffle wallpaper.

Open the app and pick Video to Images

Pick the part of the movie, pick how many images you want the app to create per second, and tap get Images. Images will be save in the photo album.

You can use these images to create a Photo Shuffle Wallpaper and have it changes on Tap and it will look like it's animating.

Hope you have fun with the Photo Shuffle wallpaper on iOS 16. Here is a video comparison between iOS 15 and iOS 16 Live Wallpapers. 😜

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