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How to rotate video in iOS Photos app.

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

iOS 13 now includes a pretty handy and powerful video editor right in the Photos app! All you have to do is tap the Edit button at the upper right corner while viewing the video or Live Photo.

It shows a slightly different menu depending on if you are editing a video or a Live Photo. There are many adjustments you can make such as exposure, contrast, brightness and so on but for this post, let's rotate the Live Photo that we created using VideoToLive app.

Start by tapping the crop/rotate icon.

Tap on the rotate icon few times to make it upright.

Tap on done to save the changes you made.

All done!

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1 Comment

Jacob Ryen
Jacob Ryen
Aug 28, 2023

I can recommend a full-fledged video editor , it has a huge number of functions that greatly improve the quality of your pictures. A large number of professional photographers and bloggers use this software for example

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