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How to create custom ringtones with MusicToRingtone iOS app

Updated: Feb 12

Let look at how you can create custom ringtones from videos or audio files! No PC needed!

Here is a quick video if you'd rather watch a video!

If you like reading here it is!

1. Tap on the Load button and choose from 4 locations. Either pick a song from your iTunes library, music or video files from the Files app, or videos from your photo album. You don't see any songs from iTunes library? Check out the FAQ here to see why.

2. Start by Tapping the Start button to play the sound.

3. Drag the pie section or tap on the + button under the Start label to pick a starting position. Tap on the - button to go back.

4. Adjust the duration of the ringtone by tapping the + button or - button under the Duration label.

5. Ringtone name can be changed by tapping the red x button, Change Name button.

6. Tap on Save button.

7. Tap on Share as GarageBand file.

8. Once the share sheet is shown, scroll right and tap on More.

9. Scroll to Copy to GrageBand and tap.

10. GarageBand will open with the ringtone imported.

11. Tap and hold on the file to display the menu.

12. Tap on Share.

13. Tap on Ringtone.

14. Tap on Continue, Export, and OK. Ringtone will begin to export.

That's it! Tap on 'Use sound' as to start using the new ringtone!

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